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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saya Suka Memandu

Sunday, March 10, 2013

School Holiday Programme

Letzhop Team says | We bring you good news this school holiday! Registration for a 4-day Intensive School Holiday Programme for March 2013 is now open. Early registrations will receive discount of the regular price. Contact your nearest learning centre for more information.

Maxi Dress

Kalau-kalau ada berminat..

Maxi Dress - Ready Stock :)

Koleksi penuh lengkap dengan harga dan detail ukuran boleh refer ke album Maxi Dress kat Fb Tenun Kapas.

Baju Menyusu

Kalau-kalau ada berminat.

Brand New Nursing Top (RM37 SAHAJA!!)

Brand: Aqeelah

Size: L

Colour: Available in 2 designs (mustard with olive design &  pink polka dot)

Material: 100% Cotton

Retail price: RM49 per item
Offer price: RM37 per item

Delivery charges (via pos laju): RM8 per item.

Reason to let go: I bought it online & found out that the shirt is too big for me

Jingle Jungle Elegante Mom Bag

Kalau-kalau ada berminat..

Brand New Jingle Jungle Elegante Mom Bag with Cooler Bag Set – Lilac Hearts (RM98 ONLY!!) 

Price offered includes matching cooler tote bag.
Reason to let go: I bought it online & found out that the bag is too big for me.
Delivery charges via pos laju is RM8.
Jingle Jungle Elegante Mom Multifunctional Bag really lives up to its name – it’s truly elegant looking! Use it as a breast pump bag, diaper bag, weekend bag, document bag, picnic bag or for any other functions you could think of.
  • It offers ample space to hold any double electric breastpumps (eg. Medela Pump in Style, Medela Mini Electric plus, Ameda Lactaline, Spectra 3, Dew 300 or 350, Avent Isis Duo, etc…) An elegant and yet discreet way to carry all your pumping equipment!
  • Besides, it’s also roomy enough to hold your cooler tote and your other personal belongings such as a handbag, a book, a iPad and so on…
  • Though it offers the above ample space, but trust us that it comes in just the RIGHT size to go with even the most petite size moms!
  • Small access at the back of the bag for the electric breastpump’s plug to attach to a power point (no need to take out your breastpump and pump straight from the bag!)
  • A big zipper pocket at the front of the bag for you to pull out the breastpump’s tubing for immediate expressing too – Save your precious time. Pumping will never be so easy and discreet again!
  • Though designed as a breastpump bag in mind, its functionality is not limited to this. It can be turned into a handy office bag OR a casual travel bag OR a diaper bag when travelling with baby.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Travel Calm

Hadiah dari Mak Anje.. Patut dah kene start baca buku ni.. Tapi baru nak mula baca Haziq mula merengek.. Sempat baca few pages je.. Stay calm mama.. Hope semua berjalan lancar..

Adik Masuk Al-Quran

Catatan peristiwa:
Esok InsyaAllah hari pertama Adik mula masuk Al-Quran.. Excited betul Adik sampai terkeluar ayat "Macam tak percaya je.." dari mulut Adik.. Sambil kemas bag untuk sekolah & baju untuk transit petang, Adik membebel-bebel sendiri "Kene cari bag.. Kene cari bag.. Esok nak kene bawak Al-Quran.."