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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Baju Menyusu

Kalau-kalau ada berminat.

Brand New Nursing Top (RM37 SAHAJA!!)

Brand: Aqeelah

Size: L

Colour: Available in 2 designs (mustard with olive design &  pink polka dot)

Material: 100% Cotton

Retail price: RM49 per item
Offer price: RM37 per item

Delivery charges (via pos laju): RM8 per item.

Reason to let go: I bought it online & found out that the shirt is too big for me


  1. salam, sis still ader ker kedua2 baju kat atas ni..
    saya berminat....

    1. Salam sis, tinggal baju yg kuning tu je.. Kalau nak tgl email.. Nt sy email detail.. Btw sorry lambat reply.. Baru perasan komen ni..