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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Guide Me All The Way

Lirik lagu Maher Zain yang baru "Guide Me All The Way" .. Mama ingat nak share video dia skali.. Tapi macam tak bole plak nak buat dengan blog publisher versi mobile ni.. (atau pon mama tak gheti ;p)..

Ape pon cari je tajuk tu mesti jumpenyer video dia.. Agak menarik gak cara penyampaian dia..

I know that
You could easily
Take away everything
You've given me
And I try to remember
Not to take anything for granted
'Cause I know that one day
Suddenly this will all come to an end
So my last wish is for You to be pleased with me

Allah, Ya Allah
Guide me all the way to Your Jannah
Ya Allah, Ya Allah
Don't let me go astray 'cause I need You
By my side, I wish to be close
Close to You throughout my life
Ya Allah, O Allah!
Be with me all the way

I know that sometimes I do
I do forget that my next breath could be the last
Forgive me 'cause I can't thank You enough
Forgive me when I doubt Your love
Now I pray for that day
When all this stops and comes to an end
So my last wish is for You to be pleased with me


Day by day passes
And I think that my time could be near
So I pray: O God let this world be in my hands
And not in my heart
'Cause soon I'll have to leave it (x2)


Guide me all the way
Don't let me go astray


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