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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fundraising Iftar

Info untuk sesiapa yang berminat untuk menyumbang.. Maklumat lengkap program seperti berikut:

The occupants of this home are old folks with chronic illnesses, paralyzed, have seizures, and abandoned by their own children. They desperately need the money to buy the house they're living in. The target for the outcome of this dinner is RM 33,000 (only 10% of the house cost).

If you can't attend, you can pay the ticket for someone else to attend.
If you can't pay for the whole ticket, you can still donate an amount.
If you can't donate an amount, you can still spread the message.
And if you do any of the above, may Allah be pleased with you!

Date : Saturday, 6th August 2011
[Note : Lecture By Shaykh Waleed Abdul Hakeem - AlMaghrib Institute - Starts At 6pm]
Venue : Dewan Masjid UNITEN

Tickets are priced at RM60 and RM100


For reservations and more information, please contact any of the following :

Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah (0122816364)
Jamilah Samian (0122015352)
Mohd Azim (0126419466)

If you wish to buy the tickets(s) but can't collect it before the day of the program :

Contact Jamilah Samian (0122015352) to reserve your ticket(s).

Let her know if you are coming OR if someone else is replacing you OR if you woluld like her to find someone to replace you (we don't want the food to go to waste)

Please bank in the amount into the following account and your tickets will be waiting for you on the day of the program :
Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah & Jamilah Samian
Account Number : 562 1060 50175

If you wish to donate directly to the centre :

Pusat Jagaan Siti Nor Aini
CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad
Account Number : 1267-0000233-10-1
Founder : Abdullah Noel / Siti Nor Aini (0102536750)

Supported By :

AlMaghrib Institute
Mercy Mission
Young Muslim Project (YMP)
PPIM (Muslim Medical Association Malaysia) CUCMS Chapter
IKRAM Kajang

Source: iluvislam.com

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