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Saturday, July 16, 2011

MyStormkids - Islamic Portal for Kids

Promo sat.. MyStormkids.com - An Edutainment Portal for Muslim Kids..

Portal pembelajaran untuk kanak-kanak 4 hingga 12 tahun.. Section yang ada, MyLife (my ibadah, my adab, my tilawah, my arabic & my akidah), Brainfood (facts), Chillout (daily du'a, colouring, riddles, khat writting, dowloan & story time), Gamespot (arcade games, word games, journey games, board games, puzzle games), Buddies (e-card, e-dedications, e-pals & home page) dan Speakout..

Pilihan langganan available dalam 3 pilihan..

1 bulan access - RM30

6 bulan access - RM160.00

1 tahun access - RM 300.00

(Gambar2 pinjam dari website Stormreaders)

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