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Monday, December 20, 2010

Miss No Good

Pagi Ahad tertengok cite komedi Taiwan, Miss Ni Good secara tak sengaja.. Terus terlekat.. Macam bess je.. Tapi bersiri la plak.. Tak sure tadi episod ke berapa.. Kalau info yang mama dapat tak silap, total ada 40 episod semuanya.. Banyak tu.. Kalau la ada sesapa yang dah ada cite ni.. Mama nak..!

Kelakar gile cerite dia.. Pelakon perempuan utama dia yang mama tak tahan nak tengok.. Selamba je dia buat muke-muke bodo.. So pagi-pagi Ahad mama dah tergelak sorang-sorang tengok cite ni.. Adik yang kat tepi pon asyik tanye
"Kenapa ma? Kenapa?"

Sinopsis pendek cerite ni:
Miss No Good, the hit Taiwanese series which stars singer Rainie Yang, Wilber Pan, and Japanese model Dean Fujioka Tatsuo, debuts on ABS-CBN. The comedy tells the story of Ciara (Rainie), a jewelry store owner who has an over-the-top fashion sense. When her elementary classmate—and the love of her life—Jia Si Le (Dean) returns from Japan, she decides undergo a makeover to match his own sense of style. She blackmails famous stylist Tang Men, who happens to be Jia Se Le’s best friend, into helping her out.

As Ciara undergoes Tang Men’s personality and fashion makeover, they spend more time together. Will he see Ciara’s real beauty and fall in love with her even without the makeup and fancy dresses? Will Ciara stick with her old crush or find a new love?

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